The Future of Air Conditioning

The future of air conditioning is constantly changing, systems become a lot more efficient but they also include technology that is a whole lot better for our environment.

A few years ago you may have heard a lot about ozone diminishing gases that were used in HVAC systems. The one particular gas that was of concern to the Environmental Protection Agency was R22Unfortunantly, most AC units that were installed before 2004 used R22.

Even if your AC unit was created after 2004 your system may still run using R22. In fact, production of HVAC systems using R22 did not stop till 2010. Meaning even if your system is less than six years old it may still use R22.

How Many AC Units Use R22?

If you have an AC unit that uses R22, starting in 2020, which is less than four years away, you will either have trouble purchasing the R22 for your unit or you are going to have to pay a whole lot more to run your AC unit.

This is a country wide problem. As of now 66% of central air conditioning units still use R22. That is a whole lot of demand for a product that will no longer be produced.

If you have a window unit you are not exempt. At least 23% or room units also use R22 to help cool the air running through their system.

The Future of Air Conditioning — When R22 Phases Out

When we get to 2020 and R22 is completely phased out, two things will likely happen. You are either going to have trouble finding R22 for your AC unit or you are going to have to pay a whole lot more. There has already been a significant increase in the cost of R22 as we ramp up to the phase out in 2020. It is suggested that purchasing a new system that uses the new refrigerants is the best way to go.

What are AC Systems Using Today

Manufacturers of refrigerants have worked hard to evolve their products, reducing the ozone depletion levels. This started with R22 which had a 0 to 0.2 depletion level. The latest evolution R410A has a 0 ozone depletion level.

This makes R410A the best choice. If you are purchasing a new AC unit you will want to check which type of refrigerant it uses and you may want to purchase a new unit that uses R410A.

If you are looking to purchase a new refrigerant compliant AC unit, contact the team at Grand Home Services today, we specialise in residential heating and cooling services in the Denver Metro area.