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Split System Air Conditioners in Denver

Serving Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, and More

If you are building a new home, a home you recently purchased doesn’t have ducts, or you are just looking for a better way to keep your home comfortable year round you may want to look into split system air conditioners.

If you are looking for a new heating or cooling system, contact the team at Grand Home Services. We can help you install, maintain, and repair your HVAC systems, leaving your home comfortable all year round.

Split System Air Conditioners Advantages

Many homeowners are forgoing central air systems and are installing split system air conditioners in their homes, this is due to the many benefits these systems bring when it comes to providing year-round comfort.

One major advantage to installing a split system air conditioner is the fact that they are much more efficient. One reason for this is that there is no duct work needed. Duct work can leak or the way it is installed can be very inefficient when it comes to air flow.

Split systems are also efficient thanks to their zoning ability. You can cool or heat only the areas in your home that you are using at a certain time rather than heating or cooling your whole home.

Efficiency is not the only advantage split systems have, here are some other advantages to consider:

  • Split systems can cost less to install if you don’t already have ducts in place.
  • Split systems give better control over air quality.
  • The installation of a split system is often faster than a central air or heating installation.
  • You can use the same system for both heating and cooling.
  • You have complete control over your home’s comfort levels.

Grand Home Services can install a split system in your home, giving you control over your home’s year-round comfort levels.

Why Choose Grand Home Services?

When you contact Grand Home Services for ductless air conditioners in Denver, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality when it comes to workmanship and HVAC products. All of our technicians are licensed and certified and will treat you and your home with respect. We offer a one year warranty for parts and labor on all of our heating and cooling work.

When it comes to ductless air conditioners in Denver we will explain the benefits of different cooling systems, discuss the best solution for your home, including the cost then we let you make the final decision. We believe in upfront customer service, leaving you with no surprises in the end. We have worked hard to build a strong reputation in Denver and surrounding areas through quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

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