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The kitchen is arguably the most important part of a restaurant. It’s here where the food is prepared, after all. Because of this, the type and condition of HVAC system installed in the restaurant is incredibly important to the safety of everyone in it, from the guests to the employees.

The importance of a restaurant HVAC system

Being able to control the heat and cool air moving through the kitchen is vital to keeping employees comfortable as they deal with extreme temperatures all day long. However, what may be more important in the kitchen is the ventilation system. Without proper ventilation, the smoke and odors produced by the cooking of food can become dangerous.

A typical HVAC system won’t be sufficient for a commercial kitchen. In a typical HVAC system, the ventilation system brings outdoor air in to replace exhaust air. The problem with this is that ventilated air can contain moisture, which added to the already humid environment of a commercial kitchen can cause serious issues.

To install an HVAC system that’s appropriate for your commercial kitchen, you should consider some of the following features:

  • Variable exhaust controls – Variable exhaust controls are needed for large cooking loads and can reduce the function of your exhaust equipment during slower times to help reduce energy use.
  • Kitchen airflow reduction – Some specialized HVAC systems will be able to cut the airflow within the kitchen i half to reduce energy use. This also creates a more consistent airflow that can improve the performance and effectiveness of your exhaust hoods.

How Grand Home Services can help

Here at Grand Home Services, we can provide Denver area restaurants with full commercial HVAC services. All of our HVAC technicians have the experience, skills and training necessary to effectively perform HVAC repairs, maintenance, installation and replacement.

  • Commercial HVAC repairs – If something is wrong with your commercial HVAC system, you’ll want to schedule a thorough inspection right away. Our technicians will identify the problem and recommend a solution before making any repairs. Because you depend on your HVAC system to run your commercial kitchen safely and efficiently, we do offer 24-hour, seven day a week emergency repair services.
  • Commercial HVAC maintenance – Prevention is the best way to avoid having problems occur in the middle of a busy day. By scheduling HVAC maintenance at least once a year, you can ensure that your system will work effectively and efficiently, and that any small issues are taken care of before they grow into large ones.
  • Commercial HVAC installation – We can recommend a number of HVAC systems and features that will benefit your unique commercial kitchen needs. Additionally, we can properly size and install HVAC systems no matter what the brand.
  • Commercial HVAC replacement – We can replace old units or entire systems safely before installing a brand new HVAC system or units.

For more information about our commercial HVAC services, or to schedule an appointment in the Denver area, be sure to contact us at Grand Home Services today.