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Many basements are not linked to the home’s HVAC system. This is because basements are often used as additional storage areas instead of as living spaces. However, if you plan on using your basement as a living space, whether it’s as an office, a guest room or an additional living area, then you’ll want to make sure that you can heat it during the winter months. Here at Grand Home Services, not only can we recommend a way to heat and cool your basement, we can provide a variety of basement HVAC services as well.

HVAC Systems for the Basement

There are a couple of options when it comes to heating and cooling your basement. If you decide to extend your HVAC system from your home to your basement, then you may need to expand your HVAC duct work in addition to adding registers.

However, one thing to keep in mind is how your present HVAC units are sized. If they are too small to extend the system to your basement, then you’ll end up not only having a tough time heating or cooling your basement properly, but the rest of your home as well. You’ll either need to consider replacing your HVAC system to one that is properly sized to include your basement or use alternative methods for heating and cooling your basement, such as a ductless mini-spilt system.

Our Grand Home Service HVAC services

If you need assistance heating and cooling your basement space, we can provide you with expert advice based on the type of HVAC system you currently have in place. Our technicians are all highly skilled, trained and experienced, which means that they can also provide professional work for the following HVAC services:

  • Basement HVAC maintenance – Whether your basement is part of your whole house HVAC system or has its own separate unit, you should have it inspected on an annual basis. Doing so can help prevent future problems from occurring while also making sure that your unit is working properly, safely and efficiently.
  • Basement HVAC repairs – If there are any issues with your whole-house HVAC system or the stand-alone units in your basement, make sure that you schedule a repair service right away. Even small problems that may seem inconsequential may develop into bigger and more costly problems.
  • Basement HVAC installation – Our technicians can help recommend an HVAC system for your basement and size it properly. We will then install it safely and properly so that it runs at its optimal performance levels.
  • Basement HVAC replacement – We will identify whether you need to replace your old HVAC system with a new system. Our technicians will also be able to remove your old system or replace separate units within your system.

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If you need to add heating and cooling to your basement space, be sure to turn to us for expert advice. If you need to schedule an HVAC service, be sure to contact us at Grand Home Services today.