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Furnace Ignitor Repair & Replacement 

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The cold days can hit early here in Denver and even though we also enjoy beautiful sunshine filled winter days when those cold ones hit your home will feel it right away. If your house feels cold and you check your furnace only to find that the pilot light is out, you may have a faulty furnace ignitor.

If your pilot light is out on your gas furnace you may need furnace ignitor repair. Contact the team at Grand Home Services today, we offer a full range of services across Denver and surrounding areas.

Checking Your Furnace Ignitor Switch

If you check your gas furnace only to find that your pilot light is out, you likely have a problem with your furnace ignitor. This is especially true if you have tried to reset it only to find it still won’t work.

Your furnace ignitor switch is an important piece of your furnace, as it works to turn your systems pilot light on. Ignitor switches can work in two ways, by spark ignition or by hot surface ignition. Most new high-efficiency models will use the hot surface ignition method to light the pilot light.

Causes for Furnace Ignitor Failure

If your furnace is not working and your pilot light is out, you may have a faulty ignition switch. There are two main reasons why your ignitor switch is not working.

  • Cracks – No matter whether you have a spark ignition system or a hot surface ignition system if you have cracks in your ignition system your system is faulty and won’t work.
  • Build Up – This is more likely to occur in a spark ignition system. Build up will result in your system not sensing a flame and your system won’t start.

If your pilot light is out, you may need furnace ignitor repair, contact the Denver heating and cooling experts at Grand Home Services.

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