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Emergency Heating Repair in Denver

Serving Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, and More

Denver gets pretty cold during the winter, which means that residents of the Denver area depend heavily on their heating systems to not just stay comfortable, but to stay safe as well. Unfortunately, heating systems do need repairs once in a while. Because we know how inconvenient and uncomfortable it can be to go without heating during a Colorado winter for any duration of time, we offer our customers with 24/7 hour emergency heating repair services.

Emergency Heating Repair

If your heating system stops working, then obviously you are going to want to call our emergency heating repair service as soon as possible. However, there are a few signs that your heating system may need to be inspected sooner rather than later – even if it’s still functioning. Ignoring the following signs can lead to complete heating system failure.

  • Heating costs – If your heating costs have gone up dramatically over a short period of time, it means your heating system is no longer working efficiently. We can come inspect your heating system and make the necessary repairs to ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible.
  • Loud noises – If your heating system is making loud noises as it operates, there’s a good chance that there are broken or loose components inside the heating system that could cause even more damage if ignored.
  • Poor performance – There may be something wrong with your heating system if it is not properly heating up your home.
  • Strange smells – If something smells odd near your heating system, there may be a leak of some sort. You may need to call your gas company as soon as possible to come inspect the issue.

Why Choose Grand Home Services Emergency Heating Repair

Not only do our technicians have the skills and experience necessary to inspect, repair or replace your home’s heating system, whether it’s an electric furnace, a gas furnace, a boiler or a dual fuel heating system, but they are familiar with every major make and model as well. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified professionals that have been trained to provide the highest quality workmanship and the best possible customer service. In fact, we are so sure of our work that we provide a 1-year warranty for parts and labor.

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