Should I Have New Air Ducts Installed with My New AC?

If you are in need of a new AC system you may also wonder whether your duct work also needs to be replaced. Whether you need to replace your air ducts or not will depend on a few things and should be discussed with a trusted cooling specialist.

Reasons You May Need New Ducts

While ducts shouldn’t need to be replaced every time you get a new AC system there are times replacing your ducts is recommended.

  • Mold – If you have mold in your air ducts, completely eradicating the problem from your current ducts is nearly impossible. When mold gets into your air ducts it can cause problems with your families health and although costly it is always better to start from scratch in this circumstance.
  • Uneven Cooling – If your current AC system cannot cool each room or area of your home evenly it may be that the ducts are damaged or they are just insufficient for getting enough cooled air into your home. If you have hot spots throughout your home in the summer you may want to consider upgrading your ducts with your new AC.
  • Bigger AC System – If you are installing a larger AC system to meet the demands of your home, new ducts will help increase the airflow throughout your home.
  • Damaged Ducts – If your old ducts have cracks, aren’t sealed correctly are rusty and they are leaking cooled air, updating your original ducts can help keep your energy costs low and the air inside your home cleaner.

If any of the above issues are happening with your AC system and air ducts you may want to replace the ducts for a more efficient and effective cooling system.

AC and Duct Installation in Denver

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