Are Ductless Heat Pumps a Good Option in Colorado?

If you are considering the best way to heat your Colorado home, you may have come across some information about ductless heat pumps. These heat pumps can be incredibly efficient and make heating your home easy, however, do they really work well when the weather gets below freezing?

About Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps do not require air ducts. They are a system that consists of indoor air handling units that push the heated air into your home and an outdoor compressor unit. This means the heated or cooled air does not have to move through a serious of pipes and ducts, making it a lot more efficient and effective.

They produce heat by extracting heat from the air outside, the air passes through coils and refrigerant helps to heat it up to the desired temperature. This is a very efficient way to move heated air in and around your home.

You are probably wondering, doesn’t it have to work harder when the air is colder outside?

What Happens When It’s Freezing Outside?

Many years ago any type of heat pump was not the best choice for colder climates as they would have trouble heating air that was 40 degrees or below. Thanks to technology this has changed. The new systems work extremely well to extract and produce heat from even the coldest of air. Refrigerant, coils and compressors have all been upgraded and manufactured to make the process of heating and cooling the air easier and this gives you a great heating system that can save you a whole lot on energy costs.

Another bonus to these systems is that they are much easier on the environment. This is great for Colorado and especially the Denver area where we have seen a huge increase in people moving to the state, meaning more houses and more pollution.

Creating A Dual System

We all know here in Colorado that we can see that Arctic air settle in during the winter months. If you are concerned that the heat pump won’t keep your home comfortable you can always have a backup system. You most likely have this already in place but you are looking for something more efficient, or you are looking for zoned heating. If you do already have a furnace in place you can keep the furnace as a backup system. This way if you really feel the ductless heat pump is not cutting it, you can switch on the furnace for those short periods of time.

Want More Information on Ductless Heat Pumps?

If you have questions about how well a heat pump could work for your Denver or Aurora area home, contact the experts at Grand Home Services. We are here to help keep your home comfortable year round.