Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioning Unit?

If you have ever watched rain pouring down into your yard and wondered if it was doing damage to the inside of your AC unit, you are not alone!

Many homeowners are concerned that their AC unit may get damaged by weather. When it comes to rain there really should be no issue, however, this is not the case with all weather occurrences.

Does Rain Damage my AC Unit?

Your AC unit is made up of aluminum, copper and/or other metals or metal alloys. This allows your AC unit to resist damage due to excess water from rain. These pieces are created in a way that they are protected and sealed so that your home can go on and keep on cooling even when it’s pouring outside.

So the answer to the rain question, no, it is not likely that rain will damage you AC unit. However, other weather occurrences may not be as kind to your AC unit.

What Weather Can do Damage to My AC System?

There are some types of weather that can cause damage to your AC system.

Flooding – While heavy rain might not do damage, deep standing water can. Standing water that is around or above 15 inches can get into the moving parts in your AC unit. This can cause damage to your electrical components.  If your area suffers from flooding,  be sure to have your unit check out by an HVAC professional.

Storms – If you have bad storms that include hail or high wind this can cause debris to get inside your outdoors AC unit. This debris can then get into the different parts of your AC unit. If you suspect that damage has occurred after a storm, turn off your AC unit and call for maintenance.

Winter Snow and Ice – If  you are concerned about corrosion from winter moisture getting into your system you may want to choose to cover your AC system. For the most part, snow and ice will not do damage to your system however on the odd occasion moisture may get trapped and caused corrosion.

What to Do in Case of a Bad Storm

We are lucky here in Denver that we don’t get too many wild weather events. Hail and high winds are two of our biggest issues through the spring and summer months. If Denver suffers from a bad storm and you are concerned that damage has been done to your AC system be sure to switch it off first. Once you have switched it off, contact the team at Grand Home Services, we can inspect your AC unit, checking for and repairing any storm damage.