Common Air Conditioning Problems

It would be nice if your AC system ran smoothly all summer long without any assistance. Sometimes this does happen and other times things go wrong. The good news is often these AC problems are common and somewhat minor.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

  • Tripped Circuit Breakers – If your circuits trip every time you turn on your AC system, you may have faulty wiring. If this is constantly happening in your home it is time to get your wiring checked as this can be a safety hazard.
  • Blowing Warm Air – If your AC system is blowing warm air there are a few possibilities.
    • Low Refrigerant – If your refrigerant is leaking this could lead to warm air. The refrigerant helps cool the air, low refrigerant stops this process from happening.
    • Thermostat Setting – Your thermostat may be set to On instead of Auto if this is the case switch to Auto and see if this fixes the problem.
    • Frozen AC System – If your refrigerant line is iced over this can cause warm air to blow, it also may stop your system from cooling altogether.
  • Low Airflow – If your AC system is having trouble pushing air through to your home you may have a dirty filter. A dirty filter will not only cause low airflow it will also increase your energy costs as your system has to work harder to cool your house.
  • AC Unit Not Operating – If your AC unit is not working at all there are a few things you might want to check.
    • Condensate pan/drain line – Your AC unit will have a switch that stops the system from working if your condensate drain pan is clogged. Check the pan and empty it if it seems to be full, you may also need to have your drain line unclogged.
    • Thermostat  – Your thermostat may stop your system from working if the batteries are dead or low. Change the batteries and see if your system will start working again.
    • Frozen Coils – Dirty filters, low refrigerant and an older system that is failing can cause the coils in your system to freeze over,  this will stop your system from working. Turn your AC off for 2-3 hours, if after this time the system still won’t work, call an expert.
  • High Energy Costs – If you have noticed your energy costs rising during the summer it is likely your AC system. A quick tune-up by a professional can help your system run more efficiently.

If any of these signs are showing around your home it may be a warning that your air conditioner is in need of repairs. Contact us today at Grand Home Services for air conditioning repairs in Aurora and Denver.

Air Conditioner Repair in Metro Denver

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