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Why You Should Hire Experts for AC Installation

With the Internet and videos on how to do just about everything, doing it yourself has become a byword. However, there are things that you should always have a professional do — installing an AC unit is one of those things.

Regardless of size, all AC units are heavy. It’s not worth risking your back or dropping a unit to save a few dollars. In the long run, it might cost you more to do it yourself. After all, your time is important, and do-it-yourself projects generally take longer than having professional installation. If you get a unit that is too small to cool your space, you will end up working the unit harder, spending more energy and decreasing the lifespan of the unit. More importantly, you won’t be comfortable because the AC won’t be doing what you want it to do.

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Tips to Choose a Reliable HVAC Company

This summer, your AC unit will be an integral part of your home. Without it, those hot summer days will seem much hotter and you may find yourself sweating through the warm months. If you’re in need of a repair or replacement, a professional HVAC company can help. Finding the right company for the job is just as important as the job itself.

When first beginning your search for an HVAC contractor, consider speaking with those closest to you. Your friends and family members have probably worked with companies in the past. Based on their recommendations and warnings, it’s much easier to find a trustworthy service. You can also check the reputation of a specific company by using a third party review site or the Better Business Bureau.

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Gas Furnace Safety

Now that it’s fall, it means that winter isn’t far away. This means that you are going to depend on your gas furnace more regularly to stay warm. However, whenever you use a heating appliance, you have to make safety your number one priority. The following are a few important safety tips to follow when using your gas furnace:

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Fall Furnace Inspection in Denver

Now that the fall season is here, temperatures are going to begin dropping steadily. This means that you’re most likely going to begin using your furnace on a much more regular basis. To ensure that your furnace is ready to go for when winter hits, you should schedule a fall furnace inspection.

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7 Signs You Need to Install a Dehumidifier

Getting the right level of moisture in your home is important. Too much and you end up with a multitude of problems with your health and your home’s structure. Too little and your skin feels dry, your nose bleeds and your health suffers in general.

If you have too much moisture in your home there are several things you may notice occurring. If these signs are present it may be time to have a dehumidifier installed in your home.

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How Often Should I Replace My Home’s Air Filters

You may not think too much about your HVAC’s system filters, but these filters do an important job in keeping your HVAC system running efficiently and effectively.

Air filters work to filter allergens out of the air before they hit your home. This could be dust, pollen, pet dander and other floating particles. As the air is pulled through your vents and into your home the filter works to trap these particles sending the clean air into your home.

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Is a Heat Pump Reliable In Denver, CO?

The Denver area certainly has some weather extremes, from freezing cold winter snaps to the hot, hot sun beaming in your home all summer long. When it comes to heating and cooling and your home, many people feel that a traditional HVAC system is the only way to stay comfortable. What about a heat pump?

Heat pumps have a reputation as only being reliable in very mild climates, due to technology this is not true anymore.

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