Gas Furnace Safety

Now that it’s fall, it means that winter isn’t far away. This means that you are going to depend on your gas furnace more regularly to stay warm. However, whenever you use a heating appliance, you have to make safety your number one priority. The following are a few important safety tips to follow when using your gas furnace:

  • Keep the space around your furnace clear – Not only do you want to make your gas furnace easy to access for maintenance reasons, but you should keep all flammable items far from your furnace. The last thing you want is for the heat your furnace produces to accidentally catch something on fire.
  • Make sure there’s nothing combustible near the furnace – In addition to making sure that the area around the furnace is clear, make sure there’s nothing combustible anywhere near the furnace. Items like paint thinners can be a serious fire hazard if stored too close to your furnace.
  • Replace your air filters regularly – When a filter becomes dirty and clogged, it needs to be replaced immediately. If you don’t, the filter will end up blocking the airflow of your furnace. This could cause the heat exchanger to overheat, which in turn could result in cracks and carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Know the location of your gas shutoff valve – Make sure all the adults in the home know where the gas shutoff valve is in case you need to turn the gas supply off in case something goes wrong.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors – If there’s an issue with the combustion process of your gas furnace, it means that it could produce a potentially lethal amount of carbon monoxide. Because the gas is odorless, tasteless and invisible, you need carbon monoxide detectors to warn you. Install carbon monoxide detectors on each floor and make sure to test them every year.
  • Install smoke alarms – Like carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms can help save your life by warning you about a problem before it’s too late. A smoke alarm can warn you of a fire that has just broken out, thereby giving you time to get everyone to safety before addressing the fire. Install them on every floor and test them regularly.
  • Schedule a fall furnace inspection – One of the best ways to prevent safety issues is by having your furnace inspected by a professional. A professional HVAC inspector will inspect and clean your furnace and determine if it needs repairs or replacement. An inspection will help ensure that your furnace runs effectively and efficiently.
  • Contact a professional if there’s a problem – If you think that there’s a problem with your furnace, such as a gas leak, then call an HVAC professional immediately for emergency services.

Be sure to keep these safety tips in mind as you begin using your gas furnace on a more regular basis this fall and upcoming winter. To schedule a gas furnaceĀ fall inspection in the Denver area, be sure to contact us at Grand Home Services today.